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Construction worker crushed in horrific on-site accident

A construction worker has reportedly been crushed in a horrific accident on site this month.

The tragedy occurred 2 weeks ago in Midlothian, where SCG Supplies Ltd employee Andrew Darling was killed whilst working with machinery. It was reported that at around 2pm, Mr Darling was thought to be installing equipment at the NWH Group premises when he was tragically dragged into the machine.

Emergency services teams were rushed to the scene, but, unfortunately, the construction worker was pronounced dead upon their arrival.

One local described to The Sun: “It is an absolute tragedy what has happened to Andy.”

“He was a lovely big guy and he had such a nice family.”

“We heard he was pulled into the machine and despite other workers trying their best to free him they couldn’t save him.”

“The rumours are that his body had to be left in the machine for a few hours as they couldn’t get him out.”

“And they only managed to get the body out when they got experts in to dismantle the machinery.”

“As far as I am aware he did not work for NWH.”

“But it was on one of their sites where he was installing the large machinery.”

A police spokesperson made a statement following the incident. They stated: “Police in Midlothian responded to the Mayfield Industrial Estate in Dalkeith at around 1.55pm on Wednesday 20th June following reports a man had suffered serious injuries on the premises.”

“The Scottish Ambulance Service were also in attendance and the 47-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.”

“Officers are liaising with the Health and Safety Executive in relation to this incident and a report has been submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”

Both SCG Supplies who Mr Darling worked for, and the NWH Group who’s premises where the incident occurred, also extended their “deepest sympathies”.

This incident raises the very important question – what is really being done to protect workers on site? In such a physical industry, accidents are obviously more likely to happen.

But what is truly worrying is the increasing reports of construction workers being killed or injured on site. So, what is being done about it?

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