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Phone Verified Reviews

Proud to be different! We try to phone verify ALL our customer reviews!

At Checked and Vetted we pride ourselves on our rigorous vetting procedures. We want to ensure that you only see genuine trades and professionals on our site and that you can rely on the information you see.

On our site you will get proven word of mouth recommendations thanks to the ongoing monitoring of the customer feedback.

But unlike many review sites who permit their reviewers to verify their own web reviews by clicking on url links and falsely claim to read all the reviews before publication, we endeavour to actually phone check ours and speak to over 90% of our reviewers in person.

This means that we make thousands of verification calls every month to customers who have completed online reviews, or posted in a feedback card and hopefully, we will also be speaking to you soon!

So when your job is completed by a Checked and Vetted member and you give your feedback on the work (either on this web site or by sending in a Freepost Job Report Card), you will more than likely get a phone call from us to check everything was OK.

Our Vetting officers make these calls because it is important to ensure the feedback you see on our site is genuine and authentic.


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