This week we interviewed another of our very successful members – Tony Smith of Homesmith, about his business and how our service has helped him bring in load of work!

So, tell us a little about your business

Well the name is Homesmith, I’m sure you can guess why! We generally focus on house refurbishments, extensions and general maintenance. Me and the lads have been trading for over twenty years now. Our favourite jobs are maintenance contracts, as they’re generally for businesses they’re very professional and straightforward, and lead to regular work for my lads.

I can see why that would appeal! Given how long you’ve been trading, how successful has Checked and Vetted been for you?

Oh, I’ve had a lot of work, and I mean a lot. The biggest job we’ve got through C&V was for £118,000, which was a factory roof at Peterlee. After that and the regular work I get through for me and the lads, I’ve got to say it’s definitely worth it. It’s the best form of ad I’ve done – I don’t even have a website; I consider my Checked and Vetted page my website!

We’re also in Checkatrade, but Checked and Vetted knocks their socks off for the amount of work we get, and I tell them so!

Nice to hear! How long have you been a member?

4-5 years now. We’ve seen a lot of reliable work since then, which has been great for keeping the lads busy. As I said it’s the best type of ad I’ve done!

We certainly think so! Did you see results immediately or did it take time to build up reviews?

When we started we already had work flowing ok, we’ve been running for a long time. But once that first leaflet drop went out, and every time we’ve done one since, my phone never stops ringing!

We hear that a lot about the leaflet drops, they’re especially good for new members looking to build their reviews. What do you think is the most important thing you do to make the most of your membership?

Getting reviews in, by far. It’s hard work but worth it. You’ve got to follow up with customers though. It takes a while, and not all will do it but the ones that do make it worth it.

Good advice for new members there! What is your favourite thing about being a member?

The work! Can’t say that enough, that’s what it’s all about – keeps my lads going. I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t get a good return. It’s that simple.

Fantastic! Well thank you Tony for spending the time to answer a few questions, and good luck with the next five years!

Thank you!