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Making The Most

At Checked and Vetted we aspire to be less of a company, and more of a community. We want everyone involved, public and members alike to get the best out of their participation with us. We want our members to have a clear clarification on what being a part of Checked and Vetted can do for them.

You may have already noticed our informative images on our Twitter and Facebook, all designed to help people get the information they need about us with ease. ‘Make the Most of your Membership’ is one of our main posts.

Your membership is not just about helping the public find trustworthy people to hire. It’s also about helping you make the most of your career. We frequently post on social media, to put focus and attention on our members, and the commendable work they do. The point of our social media marketing is not just to inform people of our company and what we provide, but to also spread awareness of your capabilities throughout your local area.

These informative posts are meant to be reminders and guides for how your career can thrive. They remind us of the importance of reviews, from what it means to reach the public eye, and how it helps you get repeat business. If someone has taken the time to write a review, not only does that mean they appreciate your work, but it also means that they’ll most likely remember you if they need work done again.

Everything we post is designed for the benefit of the public and our members, it’s all about helping you make the most of your trade. It’s about reach, and being remembered, and getting the recognition that you deserve. For instance, the reviews solidify exactly how a person felt about your work, which you can present to new potential clients, which gives you a competitive advantage.

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