Virtual Numbers Service for Members

In our ongoing quest to improve quality for our members and help them get the most from their membership, we’re proud to announce our new virtual numbers service for members. With this service your potential customers will call a prefixed number local to them which will then be rerouted to your existing phone number, but will also be digitally tracked.

What this means in essence, is that you as members will be able to see the calls you receive from the site as measurable numbers. You can see how many calls our site generates for you, how much work comes from us, and therefore know the true value of your membership over your other marketing. If you find that the majority of your work comes from us, you may even be able to cut your other marketing, or reassign it to somewhere it could work better.  It also reveals which area your advertising works better, allowing you to plan more effectively.

Crucially, this service can tell you how many calls you miss from customers, and when you miss them. Using this you can look for patterns and plan around it. You could perhaps aim to be available for the phone between 12 and 1pm, or even getting an apprentice to pick up calls at key points in the day or week if you would otherwise lose substantial business.

All told, this new system should be a great boon to our members, and help you drive your businesses onward to greater heights! To get your call reports please call customer service and we will email you a spreadsheet with those figures.

When we initially launched the Virtual Numbers service we briefly trialed recycling the numbers used by trades in order to keep costs down for our members, but we quickly found this did not meet our stringent requirements.

At current and in the future virtual numbers will be assigned to the member, who will keep that exact number until they leave our service or choose to change the number, ensuring continuity of service for both members and the public.

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